Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What We Learned

Last night's big win was instructive, as well as exhilarating. So what did we learn from this historic night?

The Redskin Rule is bullshit. Surprise.

Nate Silver should not be allowed anywhere near Las Vegas.

Social media activism is not jerking off. Of course I thought Egypt had already proved that.

The South will not rise again.

African-Americans and Latinos don't like being kicked in the face. Who knew?

Thuggery and voter suppression is so 1950's.

Money doesn't trump everything.

Trump is still a fucking, treasonous idiot. Fire him, NBC. Now.

Women do not take rape lightly. Write that one down, Republicans. Better yet, tattoo it on your fucking foreheads.

A campaign based entirely on lies (yes, lies, not misstatements) will backfire. Your mom was right.

We need a federal voting system. Or we can let Florida fuck up every election for the rest of our lives.

Having Bruce Springsteen singing at your rallies is a good thing.

Having Meatloaf shrieking at your rallies is a bad thing.

Bill Clinton has been forgiven.

Racism is no longer chic. It's hick.

Republicans will continue to be intransigent. Fuck them. Run them over, with a steamroller preferably.

©2012 Kona Lowell


  1. We learned the polls were wrong..this was not a close race as some believed. A slam dunk with the electoral college (Nate Silver is a genius)..the popular vote (2%+ for Obama over Romney)..a double whammy..the people spoke loud and clear..

  2. Exactly. Nate knows how to average out ALL the polls and make sense of them.

    1. Nate who? I called this months ago and never had any fear of the presidential outcome. I did get a plus though; a whole pack of new women in Congress!

  3. My only concern was fraud, otherwise I thought Obama had it.