Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney Proposes Truce with Foreign, Anti-American Obama

Washington, DC. In a recent interview with MSNBC's Chuck Todd, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney proposed something of a truce with his opponent, President Obama.

"Our campaign would be — helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon — business or family or taxes or things of that nature.

“We only talk about issues. And we can talk about the differences between our positions and our opponent’s position,” Romney said. “Our ads haven’t gone after the president personally. … We haven’t dredged up the old stuff that people talked about last time around. We haven’t gone after the personal things.”

"But what if President Obama doesn't agree to those terms, Governor?"

"Well, Chuck, one would hope that Mr. Obama's Kenyan upbringing and Muslim faith would forbid him from engaging in those sorts of attacks. The fact that he doesn't understand America shouldn't prevent him from taking the high road. He's been high lots of times."

"But if taxes and family and business experience are off limits, what can he talk about?"

"He can talk about how he's made the economy worse, how he apologizes for America, how he is waging a war on religion, how he is taking work out of welfare and how he despises business."

"Can he ask how your Mormon faith guides your decisions and actions?"

"That would be hitting below the belt, Chuck. I think even his pastor, the anti-American communist Jeremiah Wright, would agree with that."

"Thank you, Governor."

©2012 Kona Lowell

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