Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama Continues to Hide His Muslim Faith

Washington, DC. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, English muffins and extra helpings of crispy bacon, President Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning. Quoting the Christian Jesus several times, without even once saying "Peace be upon Him," Mr. Obama shocked his detractors by showing up without a prayer rug or facing Mecca while praying.

There were however subtle hints that the elaborate cover, which involved years of regular attendance at a "Christian" church, may be beginning to unravel, as the President came dangerously close to acknowledging Islam as a non-demonic world faith, and even mentioned it before Judaism, when he cagily stated while proposing tax increases on the wealthiest Americans:

“For me, as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus' teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.' It mirrors the Islamic belief that those who’ve been blessed have an obligation to use those blessings to help others, or the Jewish doctrine of moderation and consideration for others.”

But Mr. Obama was not yet finished praising Islam and naming it ahead of Judaism when he said:

“I know that far too many neighbors in our country have been hurt and treated unfairly over the last few years, and I believe in God’s command to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.' I know the version of that Golden Rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs -– from Hinduism to Islam to Judaism to the writings of Plato.”

Ralph Reed, of the Faith and Freedom Foundation, also known for his failed bid for Lieutenant Governor and for accepting secret payments from Jack Abramoff in the Indian Gaming Scandal, took umbrage at Mr. Obama's attempt to connect Jesus' teachings with fairness or helping the poor. Mr. Reed said that for the president to tie his tax policy to Jesus’ teachings “is theologically threadbare and straining credulity. I felt like it was over the line and not the best use of the forum. It showed insufficient level of respect for what the office of the president has historically brought to that moment.”

Mr. Reed also asked the press to try to find some way to make his opinion relevant once again.

Mr. Obama, however, laughed off the negative comments and left immediately to enjoy a hearty lunch of nice, crispy pork chops. With hummus and tabouli.

©2012 Kona Lowell