Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama Divides Nation in State of the Union Speech

Washington, DC. Last night in his third State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama divided the nation as Republicans had predicted. As Speaker John Boehner said the day before:

"This is a president who said I'm not going to be a divider, I'm going to be a uniter, and running on the policies of division and envy is—to me it's almost un-American."

Mr. Obama lived up to Mr. Boehner's dire predictions by talking about military accomplishments, education, energy independence, reviving a fading middle class, regulating the financial sector to prevent another crisis and expecting everyone in the country to pay their fair share in taxes. Republicans were obviously not pleased, as the hey-someone-peed-in-my-martini look on the faces of Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, et al, clearly revealed.

Asked today how he felt about being prophetically correct about the speech, Mr Boehner replied, "There are times when I wish I were wrong. But I was right about President Obama being a divider. The American people want unity, and President Obama has divided us, right smack dab down the middle, 99% to 1%. I can't imagine how he thinks numbers like that will win an election."

Meanwhile, new pee-free martinis have been supplied to the GOP members of Congress.

©2012 Kona Lowell

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