Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick Perry Forgets Favorite Food

Austin, TX. Fresh off a disastrous and embarrassing debate performance Wednesday night, in which the Texas Governor could not remember which three government agencies he seeks to abolish, Rick Perry appeared on Wake Up, Texas, a local morning news show in hopes of doing damage control.

The Governor appeared a bit tired, but gamely bantered with host and former Miss Texas, Cathy Simpleton, about the weather, the Dallas Cowboys and hunting. All was going well until Ms. Simpleton asked Governor Perry what his favorite foods are.

"Enchiladas," Perry responded, "and pancakes and...what are those things, you know..."

"Bacon?" Ms. Simpleton offered.

"Yeah, bacon. No, wait. Not bacon. You know those things. They're about this big."


"No, not donuts. Shoot. My mom used to make them. Darn, just can't remember what they are. They were good, too."

"Well, how about your favorite color?"

"Blue. No wait, not blue. What's that other color? You know, it's about this big."

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney stated on CNN that it was not him that suggested we let Detroit go bankrupt, but an evil doppelganger named Ritt Momney.

© 2011 Kona Lowell 

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