Monday, September 19, 2011

Fear Grips NYC

Some concerned New Yorkers are warning their fellow citizens of a grave and present danger this coming September 21st. The 'Ground Zero Mosque,' which is neither a mosque nor at Ground Zero, will be presenting an exhibition of photographs that features portraits of children from other countries now residing in the city. The stated goal of the exhibit "is about finding the courage to meet and get to know neighbors to build trust and friendship."

Pam Geller, part-time human and full-time anti-Islam harpy dipshit, expressed her concern:

"We don't know who these children are. Some have dark skin. Others have that undeniable 'terror' look that can only mean 'I have a bomb. Let's be friends.' This whole exhibit is nothing more than a cynical plot on the part of these Islamic terrorists. What's next? Food from around the world? Music? Art? This is how it starts. First they lull you into complacency by being just like you, then before you know it they get treated like people."

Meanwhile, Rep Peter King (R-NY) is forming a committee comprised of Daniel Pipes, Chris May, Michael Medved and former mayor Ed Koch to determine if falafels should be classified as a gateway drug.

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  1. More hummus! More nohutlu ispanek! Don't try to stop me!