Monday, September 19, 2011

Tough Talk Fails to Satisfy Many on the Left

President Obama delivered one of his toughest speeches today, establishing clear differences between the parties. Ignoring the Republicans' warnings against raising taxes on "job creators," Mr Obama stated that the days of the wealthy not paying their fair share are over.

And yet it was many on the left who were still not satisfied with the President's line in the sand. Liberal blogs and websites doubted Mr.Obama's resolve while others claimed it was no more than a campaign ploy. Still others reiterated their pony-less disappointment and threatened to vote for Nader or anyone who could guarantee a Republican victory in 2012, in the hopes that it would create wide-spread disaster, blood in the streets and a costly civil war resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens.

"The American people need a wake-up call," said one anonymous blogger. ""Nothing like streets full of rotting bodies and crying children to do that. Hey, gotta go finish my homework."

Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that for the next speech President Obama will grow a goatee and wear fatigues and a beret in hopes of currying favor with FDL, Common Dreams and the kids that post from their parents' basement at Democratic Underground.

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