Thursday, September 15, 2011

We on the left are often railing against the Republicans for having no new ideas. In the past, this has been true. All they were able to come up with were lower taxes on the wealthy, abolishing regulations affecting corporations and the tired emphasis on God, guns and gays. But times have changed.

This new breed of Republicans have a plethora of new ideas to change the nation. Forever.

For example, who would have thought of reapportioning electoral votes in Pennsylvania so that Democrats would be unable to win the state? Or changing voting laws in a few dozen states so minorities, students, poor people and seniors would have a more difficult time voting? Or one of their best, making it possible for corporations to give unlimited funds to campaigns?

We liberals must give credit where credit is due. These new Republicans, unfettered by morality, patriotism, a respect for the Constitution or even pesky common decency could teach us a thing or two. One, we are unlikely to get them to join hands and sing kumbaya and two, the time to unite is now.

Or we can just let them have their way. Nah.

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