Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Republicans nationwide are expressing varying degrees of shame, sadness and embarrassment over the inappropriate applause and cheering at the recent debates. As has been seen repeatedly on assorted news programs, wild spontaneous outbursts of applause and cheering occurred when Perry's 234 executions were mentioned and when Ron Paul was asked if we should just let the uninsured sick among us die.

Today, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus took this possibly party-damaging behavior on and reassured Greta Van Susteren that this behavior does not reflect the views of a majority of Republicans.

"The American people realize that we are the party of compassion. We have demonstrated that uniquely Republican trait in our outreach to Muslims, the LGBT community, unions, African-Americans, women and the unemployed. We have extended that compassion to the four million made homeless in Iraq and the families of the million or so dead. Cheering for death is not something we do publicly, but in the confines of our own living rooms, board rooms and churches. As a Republican, I am deeply saddened that we were exposed."