Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forbes Backs Perry's Flat Tax

New York, NY. One-time presidential hopeful and publishing titan Steve Forbes has all but thrown his considerable support behind a Rick Perry presidency due to Perry's just-revealed Flat Tax Plan.

Forbes told Yahoo News that Perry's plan is "the most exciting tax plan since Reagan's." While Forbes had his own flat tax plan, he thinks Perry's is even better. And he thinks Perry will be the next president because "he's got great hair, like Reagan, but lacks the empathy that can hold one back in creating a really robust business climate."

Asked what he found most promising about the Perry plan, Forbes said, "While none of the actual details are ready yet, we know it will even be a lower number than my 17%. I think rich people nationwide will get behind that. And most Americans will like it because they have no idea about this sort of thing anyway. People like flat things, like pancakes, pizza, DVD's and  flat screen TV's. And pie."

Asked about the revenue side of the issue and whether it would raise enough, Forbes said that "eventually the billionaires would create more and more jobs and everyone could have a nice piece hot, juicy apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting slowly on top, Mmmmm. Can't you just taste it?"

Asked whether the plan would increase the tax burden on the poor and the middle class, Forbes replied, "Hot, juicy apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting slooowly on top. Mmmmmm."

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