Thursday, October 6, 2011

Herman Cain: It's a Choice

Atlanta, GA. Presidential candidate and pizza CEO Herman Cain ruffled feathers today when he claimed that being black was a choice, adding more fuel to the Nature vs Nurture debate.

"I am black by choice. It's a conscious decision. I knew that if I wanted to have any chance in the Republican Party, I would have to be the lone black candidate. Selling pizza isn't a real springboard to the presidency."

Asked how he became black, Cain responded, "It took a lot of effort. I watched a lot of reruns of The Jeffersons and Good Times."

The other GOP candidates reacted to this announcement positively. "I think Mr Cain is a courageous fellow to admit this," said Mitt Romney. "It just shows what can be accomplished if someone really wants to change. I used to be Chinese."

Jon Huntsman was the only dissenting voice, claiming that one is simply born black and cannot become black. He was immediately set upon by several of the other GOP candidates and beaten senseless.

"It's just like being left-handed," Mr Cain added, "it's a choice."

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